San Diego at Work: Kristin Costas, Lytx

Oct 16, 2019 - Bernadine Locsin

How are San Diego companies really different from companies in LA, Boston, or the Bay Area?

Simply put, we’re different because companies in San Diego are changing the world. May sound a bit cliché, but it’s true. Local life sciences companies, like Dexcom, Illumina, and BD, are developing advanced technologies that are dramatically changing the world of medicine and saving people’s lives all around the world. Tech companies and startups, like Aira, Brain Corporation, and Qualcomm, are enhancing everyday lives and connecting people across the globe. Even our craft breweries can argue that they’re changing people’s lives with every sip of their deliciously crafted concoctions. And video telematics company Lytx is no different.

Meet Lytx.

Headquartered in the UTC area of San Diego, Lytx is a video telematics company that makes devices that get installed in commercial vehicles, to capture video of driving activity. We had a chance to meet with Lytx’s Director of Product Management, Kristin Costas, who loves getting to work at a company that helps save countless lives each year by making our roads safer. She said that Lytx is primarily focused on understanding what types of behaviors are risky and helping drivers change that behavior to become safer over time.

Originally from the Bay Area, Kristin came to San Diego after college and has never looked back since. She said, “[San Diego] is a great place to live. My family lives here. I want to raise my child here, and everything that’s available here is exactly what I’m looking for, for my family and my life.” And throughout the different phases of her life, Lytx has been nothing but supportive. She loves that the company also empowers women in technology, to advance their careers while also maintaining a health work/life balance.

To learn more about Lytx and San Diego’s tech ecosystem, watch Kristin’s video below. You’ll hear about San Diego’s advantages of being a “big, small city” and how they can help you grow in your career – faster than in other regions. You’ll also see Lytx’s core values – Hungry. Humble. Capable. – adorned on the walls, to remind its employees why they’re here and what they’re made of. Truly what #SDlifechanging is all about!

Want to work at Lytx? Head to its career site and watch the team’s #TakeoverTuesday to see what it’s like to work there.

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