#TakeoverTuesday with Lytx

Jul 11, 2019 - Maxine Perez

With many of its companies creating new, life-changing technologies, San Diego has made a name for itself as a thriving tech hub. We’re helping the visually impaired perform everyday tasks, giving robotic pets to those who cannot own furry friends, and even helping the military up its drone game. But what doesn’t get enough press is the amount of life-saving technologies made right here San Diego. Video telematics company Lytx is revolutionizing driver safety around the world by capturing data from commercial vehicles through its devices. The Lytx team is then able to translate that data and turn it into tangible solutions for safer trips. With its advanced technology continuously improving, Lytx strives to make the road a safer place.

As a region rich in all kinds of new technologies, San Diego is the perfect location for Lytx to thrive, supporting developer creativity, freedom, and innovation. Like many companies in San Diego, Lytx strongly promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace, especially in support of women in technology.

Data scientist Jesse finds a lot satisfaction in his job, saying that he gets to “work on interesting and challenging machine learning problems all day. The code that I write actually gets deployed to production, so I feel like my work has a lot of impact.” His #WhySanDiego is the easy access to the mountains, beaches, and desert, lots of opportunities in technology, and of course the great weather!

Besides making the roads safer, Lytx’s San Diego-based corporate headquarters provides lots of work perks that make the office environment fun and welcoming. In addition to all of the socializing spaces like the snack bar, coffee lounge, and ping pong table, Lytx also has other amenities located onsite, such as the gym, free yoga classes, and afternoon tea time. Not to mention all of the outdoor areas that allow employees to get work done, while enjoying San Diego’s sunshine and epic mountain views.

Check out Lytx’s #TakeoverTuesday to see for yourself.


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