San Diego at Work: Lindsay Miller, Sony

Jan 24, 2019 - Bernadine Locsin

Meet Lindsay Miller, UX researcher at Sony Electronics 

Meet Lindsay Miller, UX researcher at Sony Electronics that’s helping make technology easier to use for people – especially our grandmothers who still don’t get how to use a smart phone. Though most people around the world know the name Sony, many people (even San Diegans) don’t realize that Sony’s North American headquarters is located right here in the Rancho Bernardo neighborhood of San Diego. Its mission is “Kando,” which means impacting people emotionally. Lindsay’s work with Sony’s new robotic dog, Aibo, to do just that. It uses machine learning to learn new tricks and recognize its owners’ commands, creating very real and emotional experiences for people who aren’t able to own a dog due to extreme allergies or housing policies. Some may argue that this adorable little robotic pup even elicits emotional connections with those who own dogs (we can testify to this).

In addition to doing work that matters, Lindsay also loves getting to live in San Diego. She originally moved here to study at UC San Diego, and hasn’t looked back since. She says, “San Diego is that great balance of livability, standard of life, and then also tech opportunity.” Lindsay owns her own home – only a 15 minute drive to work – and gets to enjoy hiking with her (real) dogs every day of the year. Thanks to Sony’s focus on empowering women in technology, Lindsay is truly living the dream: growing her career at an awesome company and living the life she always wanted.


Watch the video below to learn more about Lindsay’s San Diego story and what life at Sony is really like.

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