The Brand Alliance

San Diego Regional EDC embarked on this brand campaign to highlight San Diego’s growing innovation economy and startup opportunities as a way to drive economic growth in the region. The brand alliance helps advise on specific tools and other items that can be used by companies on their own channels. Nearly 90 San Diego companies act as unofficial advisors on our campaign and attend quarterly in-person meetings including Illumina, Qualcomm, Intuit and many more.

Request an invite to join the brand alliance a by sending an email to with your name, title, company and additional info about why you want to join the brand alliance.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors know there has never been a better time to tell our story and they’re working with us to make that possible. They believe in investing in the community and sponsoring something life changing. If your company is interested in helping make this work a reality, please contact Sarah Lubeck at

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