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Our sponsors know there has never been a better time to tell San Diego’s story and they’re working with us to make that possible. They believe in investing in the community and supporting something ‘life changing.’San Diego: Life. Changing. is a privately-funded campaign. Every dollar we receive goes towards our efforts to tell the stories of the smart and innovative people that call our region home. If your company is looking for help attracting and retaining talent, we recommended checking out our San Diego: Life. Changing. recruiting toolkit, (both are free), joining our brand alliance (details above), and/or featuring our San Diego @ Work video series. Interested in helping make this campaign reality? Contact Bree Burris at bb@sandiegobusiness.org.

  • San Diego Regional EDC
  • Alexandria
  • Qualcomm
  • Sudberry Properties
  • Garry & Marry West Foundation