Just say no to winter.

Jan 25, 2019 -

San Diego Life Changing: Just Say No To Winter Campaign


In 2018, San Diego saw nearly 84,000 unique job postings for STEM-related occupations (EMSI, Job Posting Analytics). While tech heavyweights such as Illumina, Viasat, and now Apple all cite talent as a major reason for their San Diego presence, the region must continuously strive to attract, retain and develop skilled workers to remain competitive.

As part of San Diego: Life. Changing. – EDC’s talent attraction and retention program – we have launched the ‘Just Say No to Winter’ social media campaign in Boston, Chicago and New York. This means that some of your friends and family currently freezing in those chilly parts of the country will receive a short video ad taking them to justsaynotowinter.com, which showcases San Diego’s unique career and lifestyle offerings.

In an attempt to bring top-tier STEM talent to San Diego to fill open positions at the region’s many tech and life sciences companies, the campaign juxtaposes San Diego’s (nearly) year-round sunshine with the harsh winters in markets across the country, while also communicating the focus on the mission-driven companies that call this place home. It might sound like common sense to us San Diegans, but many people don’t realize that you don’t have to suffer an annual polar vortex to do meaningful work. You can actually work for world-class companies and enjoy the outdoors every single day of the year. Okay, sometimes it rains. But even then, it’s more like a nice treat than a season.

Additionally, folks suffering the winter subway life in Boston might see this ad if they’re taking the red and orange lines:

Just Say No To Winter Campaign in Boston

Watch the video below and spread the word to everyone who needs to #justsaynotowinter.

Just Say No To Winter. from San Diego on Vimeo.


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