Lytx's Gloria and Krishna, who use AI and tech to help save lives, walk down stairs in the company's office.

San Diego at Work: Gloria and Krishna, Lytx

Feb 15, 2024 - Mateu Espinos

Beaches and biotech. Surfing and software. If there’s anything San Diego excels at, it’s balancing innovation, impact, and lifestyle—and video telematics company Lytx is no different.

Combining the laid-back lifestyle Southern California is famous for and the life-changing innovation coded deep in our region’s culture, companies like Lytx make San Diego one of the top five highest-ranked cities in the nation to start a tech career.

Get to know senior software engineer Gloria and machine learning scientist Krishna and watch our full San Diego at Work video to learn about working at Lytx.

Meet Gloria and Krishna.

Gloria works at Lytx as a senior software engineer, but she got started on an untraditional path. After graduating college with a degree in psychology, Gloria found herself wanting a change of tempo. That’s when she made the choice to move to San Diego and complete a 12-week full-time coding bootcamp.

After the bootcamp, she embarked on a tech career with Lytx, building software and products that help save lives by preventing accidents before they happen. “San Diego is a great place to grow your career and meet new people in technology,” Gloria says. For her, making a real impact is especially important, and her work at Lytx allows her to do that.

Krishna works as a machine learning scientist at Lytx. Born and raised in Southern India, he moved to the US in 2016 and pursued his master’s in computer engineering. Now at Lytx he is creating a drivers’ assistance system that gives drivers information about road conditions, so they are more aware and in control.

Krishna agrees: The best part of his work at Lytx is the mission. “I do not have a lot of intermediate layers when it comes to making an impact,” he says. “Whatever I develop right now is going to make a real difference and that makes me happy.”

Meet Lytx.

A global leader in video safety and telematics, which uses GPS technology and on-board diagnostics to monitor vehicles, Lytx dreams of a world where no commercial driver is the cause of a collision. With more than 2.1 million protected drivers worldwide and 221 billion miles of professionally-analyzed driving data, Lytx manufactures video telematics products that improve driver safety and operational efficiency.  

To create Lytx’s award-winning technology, engineers like Krishna and Gloria apply artificial intelligence, machine vision, sensor fusion, and scientific behavior change models to system development. This helps apply real-world data to efficiently detect risky and distracted driving.

Why San Diego?

Despite common misconceptions, San Diego isn’t just sandy beaches and blazing sun.

“San Diego has a little bit of everything for everyone,” Gloria says. From charming, sunny Ocean Beach to Poway‘s family-friendly atmosphere, opportunities abound to grow your tech career, start your own company, and find true work-life balance in a beautiful locale.

“San Diego is the perfect combination of having a major tech hub and areas to disconnect in nature,” Krishna said. And Lytx, part of Sorrento Valley’s hopping tech scene and just minutes from the beach, is right in the middle of the action.

“Anything you could want from where you live, you can find someplace in San Diego,” Gloria says. It’s what makes San Diego life-changing.

Ready to help save lives through AI-powered tech? Lytx is hiring software engineers, project managers, and more.

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