#TakeoverTuesday: Serving up thanks

Nov 26, 2019 - Heather Dewis

With Thanksgiving approaching, we’d like to take the time to thank all our local companies that participate in #TakeoverTuesday on our Instagram Stories. It’s always fun to get the inside scoop on all the #SDlifechanging work that these teams do – and it's a privilege to peek into some of the coolest offices around. While we couldn’t possibly pick a favorite takeover, we’re happy to serve up four 2019 highlights.


Pfizer La Jolla

During Pfizer’s takeover, we learn all about its work to bring new treatments to people living with cancer and tour its 25-acre campus. Highlights include hearing what Pfizer’s scientists are working on, and taking a peek at its inspiration garden, decorated with employee-made tiles sharing why they come to work each day.

Watch Pfizer’s #TakeoverTuesday on our Instagram Stories to learn more, and check out open jobs in San Diego here.




Teradata's takeover gives us a look into ways the company is using data to transform analytics strategies across various industries, including life sciences and financial services. Not only do Teradata employees enjoy a balanced, energetic work environment with an on-campus gym and café; they get to build tech that changes the world.

Watch Teradata’s #TakeoverTuesday on our Instagram Stories to learn more, and check out open jobs there.



Video telematics company Lytx’s takeover highlights the ways the company uses data captured through video to make roads safer. Unleashing creativity, enjoying the campus snack bar and yoga classes, and saving lives – it’s just a normal day at Lytx.

Watch Lytx’s #TakeoverTuesday on our Instagram Stories to learn more, and check out open jobs here. Also check out Lytx's San Diego at Work video with Director of Product Management Kristin Costas.



Health and DNA research platform LunaDNA allows its users to securely share health data to make healthcare smarter. We said no favorites…but LunaDNA might take the crown for the coolest office in San Diego. Not only does the LunaDNA team enjoy plenty of space and natural sunlight – employees can take a red spiral slide down to the first floor. Just like your office, right?

Watch LunaDNA’s #TakeoverTuesday on our Instagram Stories to learn more, and check out its website to learn more.


Want to host #TakeoverTuesday at your company? Contact bl@sandiegobusiness.org to learn more.


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