LunaDNA takes over our instagram at San Diego: Life. Changing.

#TakeoverTuesday with LunaDNA

Aug 14, 2019 - Maxine Perez

Located in La Jolla, a popular hub for biotech companies in San Diego, LunaDNA is the world’s first health and DNA research platform owned by its community of individual contributors. By empowering individuals to securely and privately share their health and DNA data, LunaDNA is helping improve the quality of data and thus, implementing smarter healthcare. In other words, this San Diego-based company is doing some truly life-changing work by accelerating health discoveries and driving medical scientific breakthroughs through its data collection platform.

In addition to the meaningful work and research done by the team at LunaDNA, the opportunities for outdoor, after-work festivities are endless. Employees are encouraged to go morning runs on the beach or catch some waves before heading into the office. And when they are at work, they can enjoy ample, open work space and, of course, the office slide down to the first floor. Doesn’t every company have one these days? No? Well, guess LunaDNA is ahead of the curve in more ways than one.

James White, VP of Member Engagement & Experience at LunaDNA says that he’s “here for the people and the surf.” Simple as that.

LunaDNA took over @SDlifechanging Instagram Stories yesterday and gave us a sneak peek into their amazing work perks, like their in-office gym facility and slide. It’s the perfect cure for releasing stress and getting those creative juices flowing.

Watch LunaDNA’s #TakeoverTuesday for yourself and see what it’s like to work there.

LunaDNA takes over @sdlifechanging. See what its like to work for a company that is accelerating medical breakthroughs! San Diego headquartered LunaDNA shows what its like to work for them on @sdlifechanging LunaDNA, the worlds first DNA research platform is based in San Diego. See what it's like to work at their HQ! See what it's like to work for San Diego based LunaDNA!


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