San Diego at Work: Enrico Casini, Aira

Apr 04, 2019 - Bernadine Locsin

How many jobs allow you to love your life, your work, and make an impact? If you’ve lived in San Diego for a while, you might know more than one. Working at Aira is no different. Software Engineer, Enrico Casini, moved to San Diego to work for this awesome tech startup that’s truly changing the lives of blind and low vision communities around the world.

Besides San Diego’s unique neighborhoods and talented community of mission-driven forward-thinkers, Enrico loves getting to work at Aira, where “your daily work impacts the everyday lives of people.” By leveraging leading technologies (i.e. smart glasses and mobile devices) and a stellar team of trained agents, Aira is bridging the information gap for people who are blind and low vision. From ordering a Lyft ride to reading the prices of grocery items, Aira agents are helping the visually impaired become more independent and productive.

Though many other software engineers look to the Bay Area to grow their careers, Enrico says that “tech companies are moving south, and they’re choosing San Diego as their home base” because of the immense growth potential and educated talent pool here.

Watch this video to hear other reasons why Enrico loves living in America’s Finest City (i.e. he’s “not a great lover of winter“), and what he has to say about San Diego’s growth, work/life balance, and diversity. Like Watson‘s video, we also included a voice over, so our low vision San Diegans can enjoy it too. #SDlifechanging


Want to work at Aira? Check out its career site and watch the team’s #TakeoverTuesday to see what it’s really like to work there.

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