#TakeoverTuesday with Taylor Guitars

Apr 03, 2019 - Bernadine Locsin

#TakeoverTuesday with Taylor Guitars

In case you didn’t know, Taylor Guitars (aka maker of high quality guitars used by Jason Mraz, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, and more!) is located right here in San Diego – in the east county city of El Cajon to be exact. Its master builder, Andy Powers, says that “the relaxed freedom of San Diego is what allows Taylor Guitars to grow and thrive organically.”

Andy and the team took over our Instagram Stories this week to show us all the quirks, perks, and works (of art) that come along with working at a cool San Diego company like Taylor Guitars. Andy says, “We’re unique among many guitar companies in that we make our instruments with our own hands and tools here in San Diego.  From the beginning, we are a company of makers building instruments to serve the needs of creative musicians.”

Though San Diego isn’t really known as a music town (yet), Andy says that he chooses to live in San Diego because his life is here. He says, “The weather is wonderful, the culture is creative and fosters new ideas and innovation, as well as rediscovery of time honed crafts. My family and I enjoy the outdoors here-especially in the water at San Diego’s wonderful beaches.”

Interested in working with Andy and getting to experience the magic of inspiring the musical artists of tomorrow? Check out Taylor Guitars’ #TakeoverTuesday to see what it’s like to work there.


Want to see more #TakeoverTuesday? Check out the highlight reel on our Instagram. If you think your San Diego company should host one, drop us a line at bl@sandiegobusiness.org!

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