Hiring in San Diego: Lawn Love

May 08, 2020 - Heather Dewis

During these rapidly changing times, we are still hearing from companies that are hiring – and San Diegans who are looking for new opportunities. We’ve compiled a growing list of the local tech, life sciences, and lifestyle companies that are still hiring – and we wanted to share a little more about the great opportunities opening up every day.

Meet Lawn Love:

Lawn Love is an on-demand marketplace for lawn care and gardening services. With hundreds of thousands of customers and tens of thousands of lawn care professionals on the platform, and Y Combinator funding, the team of 200 is empowering small business owners in more than 120 cities across 41 states.

You’ll join Lawn Love if:

You’re a Head of Growth with deep expertise with at least one direct response channel. This is a marketing leadership role focused on developing a growth strategy and operationalizing it. You will report directly to the CEO, and will be a player/coach, as you’ll both be hands-on in specific channels (email marketing, Google Ads, SEO, etc) while also leading the marketing team.

Learn more & apply:


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  1. HI, We are a new lawn care company in Sandy Springs, GA. It’s nice to see that you guys are helping out the economy in San Diego by posting jobs. We have visited San Diego several times in the past and have thoroughly enjoyed the city, people and the food.

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