Hiring in San Diego: GoFundMe

May 06, 2020 - Heather Dewis

During these rapidly changing times, we are still hearing from companies that are hiring – and San Diegans who are looking for new opportunities. We’ve compiled a growing list of the local tech, life sciences, and lifestyle companies that are still hiring – and we wanted to share a little more about the great opportunities opening up every day.

Meet GoFundMe:

There’s a part of every one of us that dreams of a better world. That spark of inspiration to help a person, fix a neighborhood, or even change a nation. GoFundMe empowers both individuals and nonprofits to turn compassion into action – because that is how change happens.

With free fundraising for all, it’s creating the giving layer of the internet: a space where individuals, teams, organizations, and nonprofits can champion causes that matter and raise money to make a lasting difference. Through GoFundMe, people and organizations have the tools they need to share their cause far and wide and harness the power of generosity. The company is transforming the way people give and changing lives—are you ready to join them?

You’ll join GoFundMe if:

You’re a communications associate, compliance specialist, data engineer, or senior communications manager who wants to help make the world a better place. The team at GoFundMe believes that the impulse to help a person, fix a neighborhood, or change a nation should never be ignored – in fact, it should be shared with the entire world. Check out their current job openings, join the team, and be a part of the change.

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