Aira, Brain Corp make Forbes’ ‘most promising AI’ list

Sep 19, 2019 - Sarah Lubeck

Aira, Brain Corp make Forbes' 'most promising AI' (Artificial Intelligence) list by San Diego: Life. Changing.
Artificial Intelligence – AI – is all around us. Many companies are harnessing this subset of technology for ‘good.’

Forbes recently put together a list of “America’s Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies” to take a closer look at some of these rising AI stars. Companies were selected based on their ability to leverage artificial intelligence in a meaningful way while also demonstrating real business potential.

Meet the San Diego companies that made the lists:


It all started in 2015 when Watson Yim and his future co-founder leveraged google glass technology. They asked their blind friend Matt Brock to go to the grocery store. When Matt returned and told them that was the first time he had left the house alone in 15 years, the future co-founders knew they were onto something.

Today, Aira works to bring independence to thousands of people in the blind and low-vision communities. The San Diego-based company also just announced it would offer a free version of its service.

We profiled founder Watson Yim here:

You can also check out software engineer Enrico Casini‘s story:

Brain Corp.

Simply put, this San Diego-based company is looking to make simple machines smarter. To make this happen, Brain Corp. creates an operating system – BrainOS – that transforms human-operated machines into autonomous robots. The San Diego-based company struck up a partnership with Walmart earlier this year and also announced it would be expanding into the robotic delivery space.

Check out SDlifechanging Ambassador Diana Li‘s video here:

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You guessed it, both Brain Corp and Aira are hiring. Make sure to check out the career pages at these ‘promising’ companies.

Any other San Diego-based Artificial Intelligence startups that should be on our radar? Let us know.

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