TEDxSD: Environments Where Entrepreneurs Flourish

Feb 09, 2018 -

University of California San Diego‘s Dr. Mary Walshok spoke at a TEDx event about what makes San Diego companies different. According to Dr. Walshok, our entrepreneurs are civic-minded and value-driven, meaning they don’t just want to be successful – they want to change the world. And they are able to do this by living and working in an environment that allows them to thrive.

Here are the qualities of environments that allow entrepreneurs to succeed:

  • Nurture good (and risky) ideas
  • Access to capital
  • Business know-how
  • Boundary spanning
  • Fun place to live and work

Sound familiar? As San Diegans, we pride ourselves on doing work we love and living where we love. The result is really awesome companies starting, growing and staying here.

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