Millennials Stay for the Jobs

Feb 02, 2018 -


It’s no secret that San Diego has a higher cost of living than many other regions in the country. Transplants and natives alike call it our “sunshine tax.”  And while we do have amazing weather year-round, not to mention insanely good food and beer, vibrant urban and beach scenes, great surf and really friendly people, a recent study from Bank of America says that the main reason why millennials stay in San Diego is actually the career opportunities here. Survey says that 53% of millennials attribute employment opportunities as a top benefit to living in San Diego, compared to the 39% national average.  With a legacy in scientific discovery and tech innovation, San Diego companies offer more than just good pay. They offer a level of gratification only found in doing mission-driven work, like many of these companies do.

The report further explores career trends in the region, and also dispels myths about millennials’ poor money management habits.  We’re not too surprised that San Diegans are able to save their money, given the amount of free activities available here. But we’ll take it. Read the full report to learn more.