#TakeoverTuesday with Tealium

Mar 07, 2019 - Hannah Kurowski

Headquartered in the beautiful Torrey Pines neighborhood of San Diego, Tealium is one company where nothing ever gets stale. Its mission is to help other companies seamlessly integrate siloed apps and data in real time, so that they can better understand their customers and build more relevant customer responses.

Besides its killer view, its passionate team of techies, marketing gurus, and outdoor enthusiasts get to enjoy a fun work environment and new sets of challenges each day. Cloud Architect Caden Brinkley says his favorite part of his job is that “there’s never a shortage of problems to solve, whether it’s trying to solve a big problem for a customer or tying to scale up to meet all of our customer demands.” And when they need a break from problem-solving, you can find team members playing foosball or admiring their bobble head hall of fame. Yeah, it’s a thing.

Here’s what other team members had to say about working at Tealium:

“We’re always working on a lot of cool, exciting stuff. And it’s just amazing to work together as a team and collaborate, and really come up with amazing things that we can do and serve our customers.” – Rayan Bouajram, lead product designer

“At Tealium, we’re not just coders. We have challenging coding problems, but we also have challenging design problems to work on as well.” – Larry Xu, senior director, software development

Tealium is committed to living out the San Diego lifestyle. Full of surfers, hikers, volunteers, and beach goers, it’s proud to help shape San Diego’s tech culture as one of its fastest growing tech companies.

Can’t get enough of Tealium? Check out the team’s open positions and watch their #TakeoverTuesday to see what it’s really like to work at Tealium.


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