Apple adds another 200 jobs to its San Diego plans

Mar 06, 2019 - Sarah Lubeck

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, announces that they plan to bring 200 more jobs to San Diego

In December, Apple made the announcement we were all hoping for: the iPhone creator would establish a new site in San Diego, bringing 1,000 employees to the region over three years.

And because 1,000 jobs just isn’t enough for a company like Apple, today we found out they’re bringing 200 more over the next three years.

San Diego will become a principle engineering hub for Apple with new positions distributed across a number of specialty engineering fields, to include both hardware and software technologies. While Apple hasn’t yet settled on a location in San Diego, plans are also underway to develop a campus that will feature hundreds of thousands of square feet of office, lab and research space.

Apple joins a growing list of San Diego companies that have doubled down on their San Diego presence in recent months, including Teradata, Kyriba, Walmart Labs, and Wrike, and adds its name to an already strong ecosystem anchored by game-changing companies like Qualcomm and Viasat.

As for why the company keeps saying ‘yes’ to San Diego…We’ll leave it to Tim to tell you:

“You don’t have to try too hard to convince people that San Diego is a great place to live, work and do business, and we’re confident our employees will have a great home among the community there.” – Tim Cook, CEO, Apple. 

And who are we to argue with Tim?  But if you do need a little convincing, that’s what SD: Life. Changing. is for.

Congratulations Apple, we look forward to watching you grow in San Diego.