#TakeoverTuesday with Life in Action

Apr 19, 2019 - Bernadine Locsin

On this week’s #TakeoverTuesday, the City of Carlsbad took us behind the scenes at some of Carlsbad’s coolest companies – to show us how we can live a “Life in Action.” Besides world-class beaches and golf courses (plus top golf companies, like TaylorMade Golf!), Carlsbad is also home to global innovators that are changing lives every single day.

Here are just some of the cool #SDlifechanging companies in Carlsbad:

1. Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Ionis Pharmaceuticals is a leading biopharmaceutical company in RNA-targeted drug discovery and development, that’s creating life-changing medicines right here in Carlsbad. Its state-of-the-art instruments help them identify new lead compounds for new therapies. Literally Life. Changing. And when they’re not working to help their patients, you can find Ionis employees ballin’ out on their on-campus basketball courts.

2. Novasyte

Novasyte partners with medical device and diagnostic manufacturers, offering tech-enabled, outsourced commercial service teams and technologies. This includes contract clinical, field technical, inside sales and recall support. Its flexible model enables us to deploy and manage teams that expand and contract to meet their clients’​ customer-facing needs. Beyond providing top-notch support, culture is one of Novasyte’s top priorities. Its unique work space, with its open floor plan (and your average indoor tree) creates a fun, collaborative environment for employees to work and play.

3. Victorise

Located in the heart of Carlsbad Village, Victorise creates awesome technology that will literally get your heart racing. Its app tracks your data when you run, ride, or perform your favorite activity. You can then work to optimize your performance and even share your stats to get real-time feedback. This takes coaching to a whole new level. The team also seems to have a lot of fun testing their products…

4. Cuker Agency

Cuker Agency is an award-winning integrated digital design and marketing agency that’s building gold standard websites for its clients. Located in the Make campus only a few blocks away from the beach, Cuker employees get to enjoy plenty of light and open space, an onsite gym, and even surf racks. Life is really hard in San Diego, folks.

In addition to showing us cool places to work, the Carlsbad Life in Action team also toured us around some of their favorite places to refuel (Choice Juicery), rejuvenate (Carlsbad Flower Fields), and relax (Tamarack Beach). Carlsbad is proof that places (not just people) can have beauty & brains.

Learn more by watching Life in Action’s #TakeoverTuesday. If you’d like to learn more about San Diego’s other unique neighborhoods, check out our neighborhood map.


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