Life in San Diego: Barrio Logan

Apr 25, 2019 - Nickie Peña

Picture this: You live in America’s Finest Region. Meanwhile, there’s a whole other country and culture just 30-minutes from Downtown San Diego. Lucky for you, the cross-cultural experience is alive and well on both sides of the border. Neighborhoods like Barrio Logan are proof that San Diego is embracing its historic cultural and proximity to Mexico.

With so much to experience in each pocket of the region, living in San Diego is truly life-changing. Get to know the Barrio Logan community and some of its eclectic offerings.

  1. Chicano Park and its history

Designated as a National Historic Landmark in 2017, Chicano Park showcases intricate, colorful murals illustrating what was started from an inspirational act of protest and now marks one of the best outdoor activities in San Diego. Start your day in the neighborhood by taking a stroll through the seven-acre park with more than 80 paintings, all nestled under San Diego’s Coronado Bay Bridge.

  1. The vibrant art community

On top of the colorful street art and murals, warehouses turned art galleries are a prominent piece of this Mexican-American neighborhood. On the second Saturday of each month, Barrio Logan Art Crawl gives locals the opportunity to explore murals, studios, and galleries hosting events. Start at La Bodega Art Gallery and make your way up Logan Avenue for a beautiful sight to see.

¡Salud! Tacos, Facebook

  1. The cross-border-inspired food

Home to long-standing, authentic Mexican eateries like Las Cuarto Milpas, Barrio Logan is becoming a hub for unique foods inspired by the community’s Mexican-American flair. Arrive hungry and make a pit stop at one of the area’s popular eateries like ¡Salud! Tacos, MishMash, and Barrio Dog. Did we mention ‘tacos’?

Border X Brewing, photo credit Paradeigm

  1. Local craft beer

The San Diego region is home to more than 150 brewing locations, and Barrio Logan is also contributing to this sudsy trend. As you explore the neighborhood, sample some fresh, locally-made beer directly from the tasting rooms of Thorn Brewing, Border X Brewing, Alta Brewing, Iron Fist Brewing, and more.

  1. The local shops and more

A part of what make’s Barrio Logan so special is the tightknit community of small business dedicated to maintaining its history, culture, and artsy vibe. Among the many cool retail shops located off Logan Avenue, Por Vida Coffee, Beat Box Records, and Hola Swim offer a modern sampling of the unique brick and mortars coming up in this neighborhood.

As part of a cross-border region, San Diego provides a one-of-a-kind experience merging two cultures. Discover more of San Diego’s unique neighborhoods by browsing our map.

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