#TakeoverTuesday with Hunter Industries

May 25, 2019 - Bernadine Locsin

Ever wonder where your sprinklers come from? Chances are they’re made right here in San Diego County at Hunter Industries, a global manufacturer of irrigation, landscape lighting, rolled-towel dispensers, and custom manufacturing products.

“Although we’re global, we’re family owned, which makes us unique,” says Scotty Lombardi, senior manager of global talent at Hunter. “Our casual, fun and friendly work environment is something we’ve preserved over the years, even as we’ve grown to more than three thousand employees.”

But don’t stop there…

Based in San Marcos, Hunter employers certainly get to enjoy more than a few perks, like working close to the beach, in a family-friendly neighborhood with great schools. They also work out at their on-site gym, handle high tech manufacturing equipment, and work with just about the friendliest people around.

One of Hunter’s software developers says, “San Diego has a great software development community. There are plenty of companies that are headquartered here. You have an opportunity to not only have a wonderful career professionally, but also personally, you have this terrific weather and the ability to really have a fulfilling life and a fabulous career.”

On top of that, Kelly Gaines, software developer who moved here from Chicago, says that she loves working in San Diego because she gets to wear jeans to work, actually go outside in January (#justsaynotowinter), and spend every day with a laid back, friendly community that has welcomed her with open arms.

Want to see what it’s really like to work at Hunter Industries? Check out its #TakeoverTuesday.


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