This Year, in San Diego Corporate Expansions

Dec 19, 2018 - Sarah Lubeck

San Diego may not be a headquarters town, and we’re okay with that. With company expansions happening more frequently and the holiday season upon us, it’s safe to say that someone was paying attention to our region’s economic wish list. Santa brought lots of companies (and jobs) to the San Diego region.

Here’s a look back at this year in San Diego company expansions:


1. Teradata

Teradata moves headquarters to San Diego

In October, Teradata decided it was time to tell the world who it was. And when you do really smart stuff, like pervasive data analytics, you need to be in a place where you can find really smart people. That’s where San Diego comes in. As part of the company’s rebrand, it announced it was shifting its headquarters from Dayton, Ohio to San Diego.

Total job count: 150 (and major bonus points for being one of two SD headquartered companies on the list)

2. Amazon

Amazon announces office in San Diego


We might not have landed HQ2 (or HQ3 for that matter), but that didn’t stop Amazon from eyeing San Diego for an expansion site. In September, Amazon announced its office in San Diego was officially open for businesses. And we learned that we owed it all to one guy’s love for our town and a six-page memo.

Total job count: 500


3. Wrike

Software company, Wrike, expands presence in San Diego


 In 2016, Wrike was one of the first Bay Area-based companies to jump on the San Diego bandwagon. Fast forward to December 2018, and the project management software company announced it’s expanding its presence in San Diego and moving into its third office in the UTC area.

Total job count: 150

4. Apple

Apple opens San Diego HQ

Rumor had it that the world’s most valuable company had its sights set on San Diego for some time. This was confirmed earlier in December, when Apple announced it would be opening a San Diego location, and bringing 1,000 jobs along with it.

Total job count: 1,000


5. Walmart Labs

Walmart Labs Opens Massive New Office in Carlsbad, San Diego

Walmart Labs, the brainchild of the Fortune 500 list topper, knew it needed a strong talent pool to stay competitive and modernize its business. While the company had been quietly operating in North County for some time, it kicked its recruiting efforts into high gear in October and moved into a new 30,000 sq ft building in Carlsbad.

Total job count: 180

6. Cloudbeds

CloudBeds Unveils New San Diego Headquarters.. and We're All Jealous

Cloudbeds is a global company, that enables its employees to work from anywhere…but if you’re going have to go into an office, San Diego isn’t a bad place to be. In October, the company opened its new headquarters in Bankers Hill.

Total job count: 25


While all these companies differ in function, they all have one thing in common (aside from San Diego, of course): they’re looking to take advantage of the region’s top-tier talent pool.

Collectively, the companies above will be adding more than 2,000 jobs to the San Diego region. So, if you were banking on a new job for the holidays, you may be in luck.

With additional company expansions, including Pfizer, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, San Diego has a lot of new faces around town. You can learn more about the companies in San Diego by looking at the company map.

San Diego: Life. Changing. Map of Companies in San Diego

So whether you’re a Fortune 500 company looking to add 1,000 jobs or a startup looking for seed funding, there’s room for all of us in this life-changing place we’re lucky enough to call home.

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