#TakeoverTuesday with tech startup CourseKey

Mar 26, 2019 - Bernadine Locsin

#TakeoverTuesday with tech startup CourseKey

It’s a digital world, and we’re all just living in it. Our friends at local tech startup CourseKey recognized this sooner than most, and capitalized on a huge opportunity to digitize manual processes in the classroom. Remember when you were in elementary school and spent way too much time taking roll call? Rather than wasting precious minutes of students’ learning time, teachers and professors are now able to take attendance digitally and analyze that data later on.

CourseKey has built a platform that allows schools and organizations to collect, measure, and understand real-time learning at scale. Its partners implement the platform in their live learning environments to gain real-time insights into performance, and at-risk indicators while improving retention, efficiency, and compliance.

Content Marketing Specialist Alex Weitzel loves getting to work in San Diego, with infinite inspo for new content from the diverse neighborhoods here. He says, “San Diego has given us a great mix of being motivated and driven, but still making time to enjoy ourselves.”

Want to work at CourseKey? Check out its #TakeoverTuesday to meet more of the team and see what it’s really like to work there. Spoiler: involves puppies and sunshine. You were warned.


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