#TakeoverTuesday with TaylorMade Golf

Feb 13, 2019 - Bernadine Locsin

Did you know that you could work for a cool, world-renowned company like TaylorMade Golf right here in San Diego? Its passionate team of engineers, R&D superstars, and golf enthusiasts work in Carlsbad, where they boast about getting to work on stuff they love while living in a place they love to call home.  The TaylorMade team hosted #TakeoverTuesday this week and showed us why working there is nothing short of life-changing.

“Being an engineer, I was always fearful of getting a job that wasn’t cool or exciting, something to get passionate about,” says Paul Demkowski, engineer at TaylorMade Golf. “But I’ve been here for almost 13 years now, and I get to marry my love for engineering and golf, and design clubs for guys like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, and Jason Day.”

The team also gets to enjoy an on-site gym, basketball court, and a golf playground called “The Kingdom,” where golf celebrities and newbs alike get to test TaylorMade’s latest innovations. Director Tom Kroll spent some time telling us about all of the science and testing that goes into making your favorite golf balls and clubs. And it’s all done right here in San Diego.

Its Head of Irons Matt Bovee says, “Never in my wildest dreams when I was going to school for mechanical engineering and material science engineering, did I think I would end up in this role today.”

Interested in learning more? Click on any of the images below to watch #TakeoverTuesday with TaylorMade Golf. Best part? They’re hiring! Check out their open positions here.



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