CEO Starr Edwards smiling holding Bitchin' Sauce

#TakeoverTuesday with Bitchin’ Sauce

Mar 01, 2019 - Sarah Lubeck

Bitchin’ Sauce – the delicious vegan dip with a cult following that will make your taste buds rejoice – took us into the Bitchin’ Kitchen in our latest #TakeoverTuesday.

Well, they didn’t actually take us into the kitchen, but we did get a little more insight into how this nut-based dip is made, and what it’s like to work at this Carlsbad-based company.

Bitchin’ Sauce is another example of a company that leans into its San Diego identity (Kombucha on tap, anybody?) In addition to the standard SD perks, Bitchin’ Sauce also has a kid-friendly workplace, a major benefit to all of its employees. As CEO Starr Edwards puts it, “Bitchin’ Sauce couldn’t have started anywhere besides San Diego.”

Bitchin’ Sauce is sold nationwide (in case any of you outsiders need a taste of SD). In addition to OG Bitchin’ Sauce, you can find it in other flavors including chipotle, pesto. bombay, and heat and cilantro chili for that extra kick.

Next up, the company is headed north of the border, with a little help from EDC’s MetroConnect Program.

You can watch the full #TakeoverTuesday here.

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