San Diego: Life. Changing. on Tacos + Tech Podcast

Sep 21, 2018 - Bernadine Locsin

Recently we took you behind the scenes of San Diego: Life. Changing. with a special edition of #TakeoverTuesday with San Diego Regional EDC – the team behind the brand. San Diego: Life. Changing. is all about telling San Diego’s authentic story by telling real stories of the incredible people and companies that call San Diego home. In light of the campaign’s recent birthday (we’re one year old now!), we thought the best way to celebrate would be to tell our own story – how the brand became what it is today, its purpose, and where it’s headed next. And who better to tell it than SD evangelist and EDC‘s Marketing & Communications Director, Sarah Lubeck, who spearheaded it. Before there was a brand, videos, social media channels, and company takeovers, there was a National Geographic feature as the ‘World’s Smartest City” and a team dedicated to telling San Diego’s story to the rest of the world.

Sarah was featured on Tacos + Tech, our local podcast that’s discovering cutting edge technology and the San Diego builders making it happen. Listen to Sarah’s interview on iTunesGoogle Play, or Soundcloud to learn about the campaign’s origins and Sarah’s own San Diego story. She’s also dropping knowledge on cool companies that started in San Diego, like Google Analytics and Wikipedia, what makes San Diego different (we’re not LA!), and all the best places for tacos, coffee, beer, and more.

Sarah’s story is also featured on Tacos + Tech LinkedIn and Medium. Be sure to subscribe to Tacos + Tech to hear more stories about the people and companies making a difference in San Diego (and the world).


Sarah grew up in Philly and is still a lifelong Eagles fan but found herself in San Diego seven years ago after chasing the surf and working as a journalist and freelance writer.

Learn about what gift Sarah would give San Diego, what percentage of East Coast Ph.D.s can point to San Diego on the map, and how a Japanese delegation compared San Diego to Los Angeles.

Her faves:

Tacos: For street tacos: TJ or Tacos El Gordo in Chula Vista. For seafood tacos, Oscars

Coffee: Moniker in Liberty Station and Heartwork Coffee in Mission Hills

Beer: Any San Diego IPA by Rough Draft or Mike Hess, and the specially crafted Ballast Point Made In San Diego lager, which donates proceeds to resources to help entrepreneurs in local underrepresented areas.

Find Sarah on Twitter @s_lubeck and tell her your favorite taco or coffee spot or a great story about a local tech company. You can also help amplify the San Diego story by following #SDlifechanging on Twitter & Insta.