MaaS Transit

May 03, 2018 - Courtney Pittam

Sure you’ve heard of SaaS – but are you familiar with MaaS?

In his recent white paper “Mobility as a Service: Putting Transit Front and Center of the Conversation,” president of Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) Matthew Cole seeks to redefine a commonly misunderstood concept that is central to the advancement of transportation.

“Mobility as a Service” or “MaaS” is a vision of future mobility with a combination of public, private, and shared transportation modes.

Cole strives to make a place for public transit and local government involvement in the MaaS revolution, expressing the importance of their inclusion in the overall discussion.

He also talks about how a well-planned and properly implemented MaaS system could remedy urban, technological, and social issues that cities are currently facing. In addition to helping cities, MaaS would also benefit transit agencies, consumers, and communities.

In San Diego, we’re constantly finding and implementing solutions to improve our city. Companies like CTS work tirelessly to make our vision into a feasible reality.

Together we can discover new methods of safe, affordable, and environmentally conscious transportation that prioritizes people first. Come be a part of the change that’s happening here. #SDLifeChanging

Read the full white paper on Cubic’s website here.

Image credit: Cubic Corporation