Hiring in San Diego: Mitek

May 18, 2020 - Heather Dewis

During these rapidly changing times, we are still hearing from companies that are hiring – and San Diegans who are looking for new opportunities. We’ve compiled a growing list of the local tech, life sciences, and lifestyle companies that are still hiring – and we wanted to share a little more about the great opportunities opening up every day.

Meet Mitek:

Mitek is a software engineering company born and raised in San Diego. Its SaaS products are integrated into the apps of more than 7,000 customers, enabling mobile check deposit and identity verification services used by over 80 million consumers worldwide.

You’ll join Mitek if:

You’re a software engineer, cloud engineer, DevOps/AppOps/Cloud-NOC, or test automation specialist. The application process will consist of a chat with one of Mitek’s recruiters, a longer meeting with the hiring manager, then a panel of interviews with other stakeholders. The company strives to have its hiring process be efficient and respectful of its candidates’ time, while ensuring everyone gets to know each other in a friendly setting. The team has a lot of fun, does great work, encourages teamwork and collaboration, and believes every outcome is successful when it’s an opportunity for learning and growth!

Learn more & apply:


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