From mountain town to beach living.

Nov 18, 2019 - Suraiya Sarwar

Ever since the first time I laid my eyes on Ocean Beach two years ago, I knew that I would make San Diego my home one day. It sounds cheesy but it’s true. From the constant warm smiles to the carved coastal bluffs along the shores of Sunset Cliffs, the energy I felt in Ocean Beach and throughout San Diego was electrifying.

As someone born and raised in the small town of Reno, I was ready for a bigger change. In the midst of a brutal winter last year, my boyfriend and I made the decision to just say no to winter while choosing where our next home would be. As time went on, San Diego became the clear choice because of all the professional opportunities and leisure activities. I mean, who wouldn’t want their December to look like sunshine and burritos? When the chance to live in Ocean Beach popped up in early summer, I took it as a sign to book my one-way ticket and immediately look for jobs. Within a few weeks, I got the opportunity to work for a wealth-management firm in downtown San Diego and decided to go for it. Although I’ve only been here for a few months, San Diego’s endless opportunities have given me the chance to reach beyond my dreams. I came here with nothing set in stone and already have a lifetime of memories that I’ll carry with me.

Each day I’m uncovering new parts of this city on my journey. Check out some things I’ve learned about San Diego since moving here!

Big city with a small town feel.

My hometown Reno has the nickname of the “Biggest Little City”. After some time here in San Diego, I’ve realized that this city is just the opposite. San Diego has ALL the amenities of a major city, yet somehow still manages to have a small town feel. Sure there might be some traffic during rush hour but anyone can easily explore different neighborhoods like La Jolla, Hillcrest, and Downtown all in one day. I’m always reminded of my hometown because of how friendly people are here. On any given day you’ll be greeted with friendly faces from strangers wherever you are. It’s probably the year-round sunshine doing its thing.

Nature oasis.

As a nature enthusiast, this city has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Before moving here, I always thought of the beach when I would dream about San Diego. Living here has made me see that nature exists in many forms throughout the area. I’ve swam with leopard sharks, escaped to the desert to watch the stars, and hiked throughout the mountains. Whether it’s the beach, desert, or mountains; anyone can find their form of paradise here by exploring off the beaten path.

From mountain town to beach living - perks of living in San Diego, California.

You’ll always have visitors.

This isn’t really much of a surprise because, well, it’s San Diego! My friends always joke around that they wouldn’t visit as much if I lived in another city, and I definitely know there’s some truth to that. Regardless, I love sharing my new life as a local here with my friends and family, while for them it’s the perfect vacation.

The beauty in San Diego lies in the fact that time almost comes to a stand still here, making you realize that there’s no time like the present. Whether it’s paddle boarding after work or discovering a cool new eatery, I love being able to enjoy every day in San Diego in a unique way.


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