Pacific Beach/Mission Beach

WHO will love living in Pacific Beach and Mission Beach?

In between a fitness fanatic, beach bum and urbanite. These beachside ‘hoods give you a gorgeous stretch of Pacific Ocean shoreline, while surprising visitors with its modern dining and boutique shopping.  Its charismatic vibe is fully credited to its young, 20-something population. These neighborhoods bustle with so many college students that you might be fooled into thinking there’s a university here (there’s not).

WHAT will you see?

Sun-kissed beach culture at its brightest. Think breezy eateries where everyone wears shorts and flip-flops. Miles of sandy shore dotted with sunbathers and surfers. A three-mile beach boardwalk teeming with scooters, beach cruisers, rollerbladers, joggers, and people-watchers. A coastal amusement park. Plus, fun eateries, cool boutiques and chic coffeeshops that line Grand and Garnet avenues, the neighborhoods’ two main arteries.

WHERE will you eat?

So long, thirst and hunger.  Whatever you’re craving, you’ll find it. From Detroit-style Square Pizza, to the warmest and gooiest cookies you’ll ever eat (delivered right to your door), to a Tiki-themed rum bar.  Locals start their mornings lining up at the beachside Kono’s Café, where you’ll find breakfast burritos so big and so good they’ll knock your flip-flops off.  For lunch, cruise down the Mission Bay Boardwalk to Woody’s for fish tacos and acai bowls, paired perfectly with its front-row seats to the Pacific Ocean. Venture merely three blocks east of the coast and you’ll find more grown-up options, like the ultra-healthy/ultra-yummy Second Nature and Isabel’s Cantina’s Asian and Mexican fusion.

HOW will you spend your time?

Remember fun? Pacific Beach (PB for short) and Mission Beach do. You’ll spend your days slathered in sunblock and donning your favorite sunnies, while soaking up yet another day of play. Take your pick: pedaling on your beach cruiser, jogging, rollerblading, skateboarding, yoga, playing volleyball, or ultimate Frisbee. All along the coast, from sunup to sundown.  This is what living your best life is all about. You’ll have the golden, year-round tan to prove it.

WHY you’ll love living here?

Good news: Endless summers DO exist.

The even better news: Now you know where to find them.

The sun, the sand, the sea. These are the obvious draws for moving to Pacific Beach and Mission Beach. Even San Diegans from other neighborhoods are drawn to this place. Spend one afternoon on the beach boardwalk, sipping craft beers while gawking at the surfers, strolling without an agenda, content to soak up the sun-drenched scene. Next thing you know, you’re daydreaming how to decorate your beachfront cottage. Seas the day, my friend.

Key Stats

Population 47488

Median Age

Median HH Income

Walk Score 69.5

Median Home Price 1083900

Median Rental Price 3626.00