WHO will love living in Oceanside?

From the name alone, you can probably guess the allure of living here. Anyone who loves life by the water will enjoy the coastal aspect of calling Oceanside home. It’s also convenient for commuters heading up the coast to Orange County and Los Angeles. It’s at the northernmost part of San Diego County, so some may call it the suburbs; yet it has its own special SoCal vibe.

WHAT will you see?

Palm trees lining the streets and people heading west to the shoreline with their surfboards. Oceanside is a postcard-perfect scene with funky museums, longtime restaurant favorites, and a pier, lagoon, and lake all nearby. If you like a slower pace and spending your spare time outdoors, this is the place for you. Also, Camp Pendleton is close by along the 5, which means you’ll see your fair share of Marines as well. With its deep military roots, San Diego continues to be a big supporter of our military troops. And if you live in Oceanside, you’ll probably get to know many of them personally.

WHERE will you eat?

One of San Diego’s greatest claims to fish fame is Wrench and Rodent. This eclectic, uniquely-named restaurant is known for its fresh sushi and seafood, which many consider some of the best throughout the county. For meat eaters, That Boy Good is the kind of BBQ joint that makes you feel right at home. Get your fill of brisket, ribs, and plenty of mac and cheese at this local favorite. Also situated along Coast Highway is Privateer Coal Fire Pizza, a rustic space with outdoor seating and enough toppings to get your pie exactly the way you want it.

HOW will you spend your time?

Relishing sun-kissed days and dusting sand off your feet. Oceansiders spend a fair share of their time at the beach. The surf culture is strong, but you don’t have to be a pro to appreciate the magic. Snag a spot on the pier to watch the waves or learn about its history at the California Surf Museum. (Pro tip: Every February, select museums offer 50% off admission price, which means you’ll get in there for a mere $2.50.) Whether it’s jogging on the beach, fishing at the lake, or hiking along the trail at Batiquitos Lagoon, the great outdoors don’t get much better than here.

WHY you’ll love living here?

Oceanside feels like a relaxed staycation when you want to escape the busier neighborhoods further south, except luckily, your stay is permanent. There are less people, less traffic, and less chaos to fill up your days (and roads). The ocean waters and constant sunshine bring a sense of peace to everyday life, a welcome respite after a long week of work. It’s the kind of place where many people only dream of vacationing, let alone actually living there.

Key Stats

Population 173829

Median Age 36.8

Median HH Income 58949

Walk Score 35

Median Home Price 532700

Median Rental Price 2400.00