WHO will love living in Escondido?

Fans of familiarity and family-driven businesses easily fit into the fold. Many residents have called Escondido home for decades, and it’s not uncommon for second and third generations to raise their families here. Although a large part of the county is made up of transplants from other parts of the country, the population in “Esco” is mostly San Diego natives.

WHAT will you see?

Decades-old stores and restaurants, neighborhood parks, and surrounding mountain views are the fabric of the city streets, but the area as a whole is more spread out than that. To the north is Dixon Lake, a prime place for fishing, walking, and daytime picnics. As you drive east, you’ll come across San Pasqual Valley, home to San Diego Safari Park and Orfila Winery, and to the west, is the Elfin Forest Recreational Preserve, which is known for its hiking spots and biking trails.

WHERE will you eat?

Taco shops abound (as with most San Diego neighborhoods), but there’s also a diverse culture that offers a variety of cuisines including Salvadorian, Mediterranean, and Vietnamese as well. Think modest menus with tons of flavor that taste like home cooking and that’s part of what you’ll experience at these unique eateries.. It doesn’t get much better than that.

HOW will you spend your time?

Exploring life on the outskirts of town. The Orfila Winery feels like another world away as you wind up the path that takes you to the tasting room. It has a beautiful courtyard overlooking the vines and rotating food trucks so you can linger longer over lunch. Then there is the San Diego Safari Park, which offers its own thrills separate from the San Diego Zoo. Time your visit right to check out the Cheetah Run, sign up for a Caravan Safari Adventure, or zoom on a zip line across the grassland below where rhinos, giraffes, and other wildlife roam.

WHY you’ll love living here?

Hardworking and humble individuals that embody a “work hard, play hard” mentality will appreciate the sense of community spirit. Even if you don’t have San Diego roots, it won’t be long before you’ll feel at home in this tight-knit circle that is loyal to all things local. It’s a place where there’s a good balance of home life with a few spontaneous adventures sprinkled in.

Key Stats

Population 149912

Median Age 33.3

Median HH Income 54268

Walk Score 42

Median Home Price 517200

Median Rental Price 2400.00