Why Qualcomm is a Big Deal for SD

Nov 20, 2017 -

Prior to their We’re the Reason Why You Love Your Smartphone ad campaign, most San Diegans didn’t recognize Qualcomm as anything more than the name of our football stadium. But they’re a VERY big deal, especially for our economy.  Besides allowing your smartphone to take those killer sunset photos, check your Fantasy Football standings and pay your friends back for brunch, Qualcomm’s impact on San Diego’s economy spans far beyond your mobile device.

Most recently, the SD-based tech giant made headlines when Broadcom offered $103B to buy out the company. Qualcomm has also made headlines for its immense contributions to San Diego’s growing tech scene.  Not only is Qualcomm a key player in innovation and tech advancement, the company is also a huge backer for other groundbreaking efforts in San Diego, such as AI startup Brain Corporation and much of the research done at UC San Diego. Qualcomm’s Thinkabit lab program also gives more than 13,300 students exposure to possible careers in STEM fields.

Other noteworthy stats:

  • Every job created at Qualcomm generates about 1.8 jobs in San Diego.
  • Every dollar generated directly by Qualcomm generates almost $2 of economic activity in the region.
  • As of September, Qualcomm employs approximately 33,800 full-time, part-time and temporary employees – with over 13,000 employees in San Diego.
  • Qualcomm employees give generously in San Diego and utilize the company’s Charitable Match Program to double their impact. Over the last 4 years, their employees have given to more than 900 local organizations, requesting more than 14,500 matches, and have had a total impact of contributing more than $22M inclusive of the company match.

No doubt Qualcomm has been a main driver for San Diego’s position as the tech hub we all know and love today.  Through their mission-driven efforts and leadership, other companies will continue to change lives and flourish right here in San Diego.

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