#TakeoverTuesday with Airspace Technologies

Feb 01, 2019 - Bree Burris

Meet the guys behind Carlsbad-based Airspace Technologies, a tech-enabled logistics company that specializes in time-critical deliveries. The company utilizes proprietary technology for routing, dispatching, quoting, and tracking same-day transportation services. Whether it be delivering a life-saving organ transplant to a donor in need, or delivering an airplane part to a plane approaching takeoff and in need of repair quickly to avoid delay, Airspace Technologies is quite-literally changing the lives of people across the world. Think Amazon Prime, but much much better.

Co-founder and CEO Nicholas Bulcao explained, “Being in the most beautiful city in America, it was easy to bring logistical experts from around the country to flip this industry on its head. Everyone was ready to make the jump!” Even more, “Everyone [on the team] is so dedicated to the craft and loves bringing positive energy to everyone involved – from their coworkers, to our drivers, and to our customers. We all know that our work is changing lives for the better.”

To learn more about the company’s killer office space, sponsored lunches, life-saving work, and more, check out their #TakeoverTuesday on our Instagram Stories here.

Airspace Technologies from Airspace Technologies on Vimeo.


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