San Diego is supporting small business in a big way

Jun 10, 2019 - Bernadine Locsin

San Diego Regional EDC just announced that top local employers, like San Diego Padres, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Booz Allen Hamilton, have committed to a new regional goal of creating 50,000 new quality jobs in small businesses by 2030. We know what you're thinking: why should I care? You should care because small businesses drive our economy. In its new interactive web study, EDC shows us why small businesses matter and why supporting them benefits all San Diegans.

We're all about supporting San Diego small businesses - those that employ less than 100 people. And we've featured many of them on #TakeoverTuesday. So here's a list of our favorite takeovers from small businesses making a big impact:

1. Aira

Aira stands for Artificial Intelligence Remote Assistance. This local tech company leverages existing technologies, like smart glasses and mobile devices, to help people with blind and low vision become more productive and independent. Besides featuring Aira on #TakeoverTuesday, we also highlighted Co-Founder Watson Yim and Senior Software Engineer Enrico Casini in some talent videos. You could say we're big fans of theirs.

Watch Aira's #TakeoverTuesday.

Artificial Intelligence Remote Assistance (AIRA); San Diego Based Company Artificial Intelligence Remote Assistance (AIRA): Companies the startup scene in San Diego

2. Measurabl

Measurabl is quickly becoming one of the world's fastest growing sustainability software companies for the built environment. Its automation tools make sustainability something that companies all over the the world can easily, well, measure. Measurabl has a cool, new office space located in downtown San Diego's 707 Broadway building.

Watch Measurabl's #TakeoverTuesday.

Measurabl: Companies the startup scene in San Diego Measurabl: Companies the startup scene in San Diego

3. Red Door Interactive

Located in the heart of East Village in downtown San Diego, Red Door Interactive is a data-driven digital marketing agency that works with cool clients, like ASICS, Titleist, WD-40, and more. Its ultra hip office space has a killer rooftop view, located right next to Petco Park.

Watch Red Door's #TakeoverTuesday.

Red Door Interactive: Companies the startup scene in San Diego Red Door Interactive: Companies the startup scene in San Diego

4. Rowlbertos Media

Peace. Love. Tacos. Does it get more San Diego than that? Rowlbertos is a group of video production ninjas that's cookin' up hot, fresh media content to effectively tell brands' stories. We're currently working with them on some videos to be released this summer...stay tuned!

Watch Rowlberto's #TakeoverTuesday.

Rowlbertos Media: Companies the startup scene in San Diego Rowlbertos Media: Companies the startup scene in San Diego

Can't get enough of #TakeoverTuesday? Check out our other takeovers on our Highlighted Stories reel on our Instagram.

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