Meet Laney Hind, Engineer at Viasat.

Mar 10, 2018 -


Like most transplants in San Diego, Laney Hind and her husband moved here in search of a new, better lifestyle. In addition to the typical challenges of moving cross-country from Florida, Laney was also 7 months pregnant. Talk about determination. Sounds like it was well worth it, as the engineer has now expanded both her skillset and worldview in her new role at Viasat.

As program manager for in-flight entertainment and connectivity, Laney is shaping customer mindsets of how high-speed internet could impact their business – empowering airlines to create better loyalty programs and use big data to manage aircraft maintenance while in-flight. Viasat operates on the motto “always a better way,” which resonates deeply with this particular employee. She says, “When I have faced a few technical speedbumps (specifically in building out our aircraft technology certification program), I’ve been encouraged to rethink the problem; and look at the experience as an opportunity to learn from either the situation or turn a mistake into a learning opportunity…It’s rewarding to know the technology Viasat is bringing to market – is bridging the digital divide and enabling residents in emerging markets to connect to the internet for the first time. We’re making a difference, and that opportunity to help others, make a local and global impact is incredible.”


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