Love San Diego? Thank a veteran.

Nov 11, 2019 - Heather Dewis

With San Diego home to more than 240,000 veterans, and 7.6% of the total population active duty personnel and family, military communities have long played a major role in San Diego’s growth. Here are six veteran-run organizations making San Diego a better place to live today.

Better Businesses, Better Employees

Veteran-owned defense tech company Fuse Integration deeply understands current fighter needs. As an Inc. 5000 company with 40% veterans, Fuse is adept at developing human-centered designs for front-line needs. Hear more about Fuse’s efforts to deliver user-focused tech to the warfighter during their #TakeoverTuesday.

At the end of service, according to the National Veterans Transition Service Inc., 81% of transitioning personnel feel unprepared to enter the job market. Enter veteran-founded Workshops for Warriors — a nonprofit school that trains, certifies, and helps place veterans and transitioning service members into advanced manufacturing careers. Learn about how they serve the veteran and manufacturing communities during their #TakeoverTuesday.

Healthy Communities

Mental health is critical to veteran communities. Courage to Call is dedicated to improving mental wellness for veterans, military service members, and military families. Staffed by veterans and spouses of active duty military, Courage to Call offers peer support in finding resources, transitioning to civilian life, and accessing benefits.

Founded in 1981 by five Vietnam veterans, the nationally-recognized Veterans Village of San Diego serves more than 3,000 veterans across San Diego County. In addition to mental health, housing, employment, court, and rehabilitation services, the organization launched the first annual Stand Down event in 1988. It’s now a national multi-day event connecting homeless veterans and their families with health and wellness resources.

San Diego Living

Veterans aren’t just improving the lives of military communities — they’re reaching San Diegans everywhere. Veteran-owned Protector Brewery, San Diego’s first organic beer company, just celebrated its second anniversary. With its inviting taproom, perfect for events, Protector uses the beverage San Diego loves best to cultivate a community of beer fanatics.

And veteran-owned, family-operated Stache Coffee Company specializes in highlighting their sustainably-grown coffee’s flavors and quality. Stache supplies local and national restaurants and coffee shops, sells their coffee at San Diego community events, and takes time to support local veterans’ fundraisers.


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