6 Black San Diego entrepreneurs building boldly

Feb 25, 2021 - Heather Dewis

Here in San Diego, we have a soft spot for our entrepreneurs—the people who dare to imagine new possibilities. Meet six Black San Diego entrepreneurs who are dreaming big, building boldly, and making our region special.

1. Steven Moyo, MD

Meet Steven Moyo, MD, founder of Welfie. Through Welfie, which stands for a ‘wellness selfie’ and provides a snapshot of one’s health, Steven’s company delivers personalized content, products and services to meet individuals’ health needs – all while connecting users with people and professionals who care.

Learn more about Steven’s journey, then check out Welfie.

2. Kim Folsom

Meet Kim Folsom, serial entrepreneur and founder of Founders First Capital Partners. Kim, who has been founding and growing tech companies for more than 25 years, now aims to leverage the power of market forces to address revenue and job growth disparities in businesses founded by underrepresented entrepreneurs. Ultimately, Kim aims to enable startups to become job creators.

Learn more about Founders First Capital Partners.

3. Misti Cain

Meet Misti Cain, founder of Carlsbad-based business strategy company Whyzze. In her many roles as business owner, teacher, mentor, and television host, Misti helps early-stage entrepreneurs and small business owners improve their profits, teams, and customer attraction.

Check out her feature by Innovate78, then learn more about Whyzze.

4. Eposi Litumbe

Meet Eposi Litumbe, founder of San Diego based film & TV production company Eplleseed LLC. Eposi and her company aim to deliver well executed projects centered on Black experiences that are created in a healthy, supportive, growth centered work environment. The first project from Eplleseed is the series MAYFLOWER, and Eposi ultimately hopes to build corporate STEM recruiting events and job fairs around the message of the series, connecting companies to hopeful talent from underrepresented communities.

Learn more about Eplleseed, then watch the first episode of MAYFLOWER.

5. Michael Cox

Meet Michael Cox, founder of Black San Diego Magazine. Drawing on his background in business development, economics, media relations, and PR, Michael launched the magazine to increase the education, empowerment, and economics of the Black entrepreneur and small business community in San Diego.

Get a peek into a day in the life through Black San Diego Magazine’s #TakeoverTuesday, then check out their thoughtful, impactful work.

6. Maya Madsen

Meet Maya Madsen, founder and owner of Maya’s Cookies, one of the top vegan cookie companies in the United States. In just five years, Maya went from baking in her own home and selling at farmers markets to launching her Mission Valley storefront and experiencing 10,000 percent growth.

Check out her interview with Black San Diego Magazine, then treat yourself to a cookie—they’re unbelievably delicious.


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