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Meet the women behind some of San Diego’s fastest growing companies

Aug 28, 2018

With UC San Diego graduating the most female STEM majors than any other university in the country, it’s no wonder San Diego is home to some powerful female founders.  Two ‘x’ chromosomes and incredible resume aside, local female entrepreneurs also have something else in common. From making scientific data more accessible to helping millions around […]

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CureMatch receiving MetroConnect Prize - June 2018

CureMatch Wins $35K for its Life-Saving Tech

Jun 08, 2018

CureMatch is a small startup that’s making a huge impact in the world of precision medicine by developing the advanced technology to ‘match’ cancer treatments specific to an individual patient. Its software reviews more than 4.5 million different combinations of anti-cancer drugs to find the combination best suited to fight against the patient’s unique molecular tumor […]

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