San Diego at Work: Carrie Sawyer, Qualcomm

Dec 14, 2017

Meet Carrier Sawyer, Manager of Inclusion and Diversity at Qualcomm. She moved here from the Midwest, so that she could play beach volleyball all year while advancing her tech career. With an extensive background in user experience, Carrie now she works to ensure that all voices are represented in the technology that they develop. Check […]

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Win the Ultimate San Diego Staycation

Dec 04, 2017

A lot of really cool stuff happened in San Diego this year.  Life-changing stuff, in fact. Whether you got your dream job, nailed that big presentation, discovered a scientific breakthrough, started a company or bought a new home in 2017 – we want to hear about it! We’ve partnered with San Diego Magazine to give […]

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Millennials Changing the Workplace Game

Nov 29, 2017

Millennials – you’ve heard of them.  You are probably one of them.  They are the generation of young, tech-savvy adults ages 18-34, running the show these days and paving the way for future gens.  Accounting for 27% of our region’s population, San Diego actually has the highest concentration of millennials in the country. That means […]

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Why Qualcomm is a Big Deal for SD

Nov 20, 2017

Prior to their We’re the Reason Why You Love Your Smartphone ad campaign, most San Diegans didn’t recognize Qualcomm as anything more than the name of our football stadium. But they’re a VERY big deal, especially for our economy.  Besides allowing your smartphone to take those killer sunset photos, check your Fantasy Football standings and […]

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