Read about San Diego's changing tech scene and how to keep the momentum going | Photo by Michelle Guerrero/SDUT

What’s behind San Diego’s thriving tech scene and new wave of “unicorns”

Mar 11, 2019

We’ve talked a lot about San Diego’s burgeoning tech scene. Read the San Diego Union Tribune article below to learn what’s accounting for its exponential growth: San Diego is a biotech town, a military town, and a tourism town. It’s not a software town, is it? After years of stagnation, San Diego is seeing a barrage […]

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Apple adds another 200 jobs in San Diego

Apple adds another 200 jobs to its San Diego plans

Mar 06, 2019

In December, Apple made the announcement we were all hoping for: the iPhone creator would establish a new site in San Diego, bringing 1,000 employees to the region over three years. And because 1,000 jobs just isn’t enough for a company like Apple, today we found out they’re bringing 200 more over the next three years. […]

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Meet Praggya Garg, manager of software engineering at Sony Electronics

San Diego at Work: Praggya Garg, Sony

Mar 04, 2019

Who run the world? Women in tech. Meet Praggya Garg, manager of software engineering at Sony Electronics, working mom, and  now San Diegan for life. She came to San Diego from the Bay Area because of her husband’s job and didn’t expect to like it here. “But within 30 days,” she says, “everything changed.” Not […]

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Carlsbad-based Bitchin' Sauce hosts #TakeoverTuesday

#TakeoverTuesday with Bitchin’ Sauce

Bitchin’ Sauce – the delicious vegan dip with a cult following that will make your taste buds rejoice – took us into the Bitchin’ Kitchen in our latest #TakeoverTuesday. Well, they didn’t actually take us into the kitchen, but we did get a little more insight into how this nut-based dip is made, and what […]

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