Newb’s Guide to SD

Oct 27, 2017

New to San Diego and looking to get acclimated asap? Don’t worry, we got you. Like any big city, San Diego has its quirks. You’ve probably asked yourself, “why do people here say “the” before freeway names?” and “Why is PB and OB abbreviated, but not Mission Beach?” Another insider tip: locals don’t say “Cali.” […]

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San Diego at Work: Diana Le, Brain Corp.

Sep 19, 2017

Meet Diana Le, principle UX and robotic interaction designer at Brain Corp. She’s a UC San Diego visual arts alum and has worked...

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Bill Walton is Life. Changing.

Aug 10, 2017

San Diego’s number one pitchman, Bill Walton, knows a thing or two about life-changing technology. The famed NBA star turned broadcaster suffered from crippling back pain, until some San Diego technology legitimately saved his life.

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We are San Diego: Life. Changing.

Aug 01, 2017

Introducing San Diego: Life. Changing. – a fresh take on telling San Diego’s story to the rest of the world. By telling stories of real San Diegans, we hope to inspire experienced young professionals around the world to think of San Diego as more than just a great place to visit. It’s truly the best […]

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